Our belt system is as follows: white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, advanced green, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, 1st brown, and 1st. black. Testing for promotions is done in class by Mr. Babel.  Upon passing your test, you will be invited to a promotion.  

Adults:  There are techniques, forms and /or sets that are required for each level each level of advancement.  When you have been shown all your required material you will receive a stripe on your belt. This stripe will signify that you are working towards being tested on your material. 

Children Youngsters need to feel success frequently to maintain a high level of motivation.  Therefore, each belt level has been broken up into groups of 5.  Advancement toward yellow requires 2 groups of 5 moves while orange and above require 3 groups of 5.  Once they are competent in each group of 5, they will receive a stripe on their current belt indicating that they are moving closer toward the next belt color. After becoming proficient at all the techniques plus the form or sets required, they will be invited to a promotion and receive a new belt.  (There are circumstances when students are promoted privately.)

Parents: Please work with us to have your children understand that practicing their karate moves is essential for progress.