Red Dragon Karate Studio
New Student Info


Welcomes You To Kenpo Karate

The ULTIMATE In Self-Defense!




Dear New Student,


Welcome to Red Dragon Karate Studio.  We have developed a special program to provide you with the following benefits:


  • Our emphasis in on establishing discipline and courtesy in each student.  The structure of respect is built into karate instruction by recognizing higher belts and by listening to and following the teachers instructions.


  • The program builds confidence and character by providing each student with control over his or her body and by developing an ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.


  • The movements of karate develop coordination and increase strength and flexibility, which are very important throughout your lifetime.


  • The awarding of higher levels of karate belts can give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  We keep this very much in mind.  When students are awarded a new belt, it is important to emphasize that this is a promotion, not a test!  This is a time to celebrate!  The student will demonstrate what he or she has learned.  Training for the promotions enhances an individuals ability to concentrate as well as plan for and triumph over learning hurdles.  This is an excellent reinforcement of study techniques for tasks you may need to do.


  • The foundation of karate is its self-defense value.  We are very careful to teach everyone that karate is not to be used outside the karate class in any manner other than in true self-defense.  The result is a self-confident person who does not need to be a bully or to show off to others.


  • Finally, karate is FUN for children and adults, and a great way to burn off extra energy and to reduce stress!


If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your instructor.  We believe strongly in the value of our program for all ages.  Everyone can gain considerable benefit from karate for the rest of their lives.





Christopher Babel

Owner and Head Instructor






Promotions are carried out on a regular basis with each person advancing at his or her own pace through the belt rankings.  The belts after white are yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, advanced green, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, 1st brown, and 1st. black.


Adults:  Adults will learn 10 techniques for yellow belt and 15 techniques for each of the higher levels.  In addition, there are forms or sets that are required for each level.  When your instructor feels you are ready for advancement, he will place a stripe on your belt.  This stripe will signify that you are ready to move to the next level in Kenpo Karate.  You will be invited to the upcoming promotion!  Congratulations!


Children:  Youngsters need to feel success more frequently that adults to maintain a high level of motivation.  Therefore, each belt level has been broken up into groups of 5 for them.  After learning each group of 5 karate moves, they will be invited to the upcoming promotion.  There they will receive a stripe on their current belt indicating that they are moving toward the next belt color.  After learning all the techniques plus the form or sets required, they will be invited to a promotion at which they will receive a new belt.  (There are circumstances when students are promoted privately.)





Notice of holiday closings will appear on the monthly calendar.  Please take one at the beginning of each month.  In addition, a reminder will be posted in the studio.  Please also note that we do not follow the school vacation schedule.




Attendance is the key to progress.  We recommend that you attend at least two classes a week to gain the maximum benefits from your studio.  When you arrive at class, there will be a sign-in sheet on top of the shoe rack.  We ask you to enter your name before taking class.  Please communicate to your instructor any obstacle to your regular attendance so that we may assist you in overcoming it.  Conquering obstacles and experiencing the exhilaration of victory is one way we teach our students how to build self-discipline, confidence, and perseverance.  Through the exercise of this responsibility, we all learn the value of teamwork.  TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL!





Please refer to your schedule for class times.  We urge you to try to arrive on time to class to gain the maximum benefits of martial arts training.


Parents:  Please bring your children to the studio five minutes before class begins.  For your convenience, the studio is equipped with dressing rooms.  If your children choose to dress at the studio, they may do so.  We also ask you to please arrive five to ten minutes before the end of class to pick up your children.  The school becomes very busy around class times.





Proper dress for white belt through purple belt students consists of a white traditional karate uniform plus a belt. When a student reaches the rank of blue belt, the student may purchase a black uniform. With all belt levels, you may wear one of our Kenpo Karate or Red Dragon Karate Studio T-Shirts with your pants and your belt. The full uniform is always worn during promotions.





We offer a substantial discount to allow immediate families to learn karate together.  If more than one family member joins, he/she will receive a 20% discount.  Each additional family member, within the immediate family, receives the 20% discounted rate as well!





From time to time, the studio will announce Bring A Friend Week.  Your child is invited to bring a friend to attend the studio that week.  The friend must be in the same age range as your child.  He/she will be able to attend class that day free.



If you have left something behind, we have a lost and found.  Stop at the desk and we will try to help you locate it.





Let us celebrate your childs special day!  Try a KARATE birthday party this year!  You supply the children and the cake, and we will supply the FUN!  We will decorate, clean up, supply food, drinks and paper goods, and provide party favors for the guests.  During the 90 minute party, we will teach a 30 minute karate class, organize 30 minutes of party games and provide a 30 minute refreshment period.  If your child is a student at our school, he or she becomes the ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR.  He/she will help us throughout the karate lesson.  Your child will also receive a special gift from Mr. Babel.  Parties are usually held on Saturday afternoons, after classes conclude.  Please see us for details and a party information flier.






This is a special program designed to reward our children for their efforts:


Red Star Patch:  This star is given to students who, at the end of the month, have good attendance, according to their membership programs.  For example, if your child has a two day per week membership, he/she needs to attend approximately 8 times each month to receive the red star patch!  The patch is to be placed on the right seam of the uniform top.


Gold Star Patch:  Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons and Juniors: At any time during the month, you or your child may request a responsibility sheet that contains a star for each day of the month. You and your child are to decide on a responsible task for him or her (Examples: Doing his/her homework without being told, Making his/her bed, Etc.). Each day that your child performs his/her task, he/she may color in one star and you are to write under the star what was accomplished. When the sheet is finished and brought to the office, your child will receive the gold star patch. The patch is to be place on the left seam of the uniform top. 


Silver Star Patch:  This star is given to students who exhibit Super Behavior while in class.  Each child is given a Super Behavior chart upon beginning lessons at our school.  Students can visually keep track of their behavior.  If your child receives compliments for his/her behavior, he/she receives a sticker at the end of class to place upon his/her Super Behavior chart.  When the chart is completed, your child will receive the silver star patch for demonstrating  Super Behavior; in his/her karate classes.  In addition, your child will keep his/her chart as a reminder of his/her excellent attitude.  A new chart will be provided at that time.  The patch is to be placed on the right outer pant leg of the uniform.


Blue Star Patch:  The blue star symbolizes Good Academic Achievement.  If a student receives an overall good academic rating from his/her school teacher, he/she will receive the blue star patch for the uniform.  The patch is to be placed on the shoulder seam of the uniform top.  (Please bring the report card to karate class.)


Green Star Patch:  Each month, several children from each class will receive green star patches for best overall performance.  This is based on a combination of good behavior, class attitude, attendance, and performance.  The patch is to be placed on the shoulder under the blue stars.